Collaborative and dynamic writer, researcher, and project manager, with a profound and abiding interest in renewable energy, market transformation, global languages, women's studies, and information technology. Meticulous, methodical editor. Bibliophile. Bicyclist.


Quality Manager, Performance Systems Development, 2011-2021.

Freelance Writer, Editor, Tutor, 2007—

Teacher Aide, TST BOCES, 2011.

  • Work in the Summer School program (Second and Third grade special education).

Substitute Teacher, Ithaca City School District, 2011.

  • Substitute in classrooms at all levels throughout the District.

Marketing Communications, MCCI, 2006—2011.

  • Write, edit, and manage collateral to support current sales initiatives.
  • Create, manage, and maintain Marketing Intranet, and Corporate Intranet to enhance access and retrieval of mission-critical informatio.
  • Write news articles and product pages.
  • Consult and advise on public website development. Design, code, and maintain web pages to be consonant with the corporate culture. Disseminate external-facing news on public news blog.
  • Write press releases.
  • Manage trade show projects and product demonstrations in international, context-aware arenas.
  • Design and write product briefs and other marketing collateral.

Editor, Cornell University, Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines, Ithaca, NY, 2004—2006.

  • Edit theses and dissertations on a variety of themes.

Operations Management Assistant, MCCI, 2005—2006.

  • Analyze staffing needs, write job descriptions, post advertisements, screen and interview candidates.
  • Manage matters pertaining to visa status changes.
  • Perform research as requested and present information to upper management.
  • Interpret financial records. Write letters to providers.
  • Test customer resource management software.
  • Write and communicate company policies.

Technical Writer, Pathlight, 2000, ADIC, 2000—2005.

  • Produce user-facing materials in both analog and digital formats using single-source code.
    • Design, write, edit, and produce Quick Start Guides, user manuals, release notes, and other inserts for tape libraries, Fibre Channel, and gigabit Ethernet bridges, and the software used on these systems.
    • Design and produce graphics for text materials, CD faces, and CD inserts.
  • Create document templates. Design publications workflow and procedures. Collaborate on the team style guide.
  • Send documents to translation. Provide quality review for translations.
  • Test products. Serve as liaison between engineering and documentation.
  • Create publications schedules that meet and balance the needs of engineering, training, and marketing.

Information Systems Coordinator and Trainer, Finger Lakes Library System, 1997—2000.

  • Provide support for FLLS automated systems, especially the Windows LANs and NT servers. Some UNIX experience.
  • Troubleshoot, instruct, communicate, and develop automated solutions for a primary audience of rural, part-time library staff members at 31 different libraries, each with widely varying levels of technical skills.
  • Develop grant proposals and serve as project director for successful applications.
  • Assess emerging electronic resources and develop appropriate proposals.
  • Help develop a telecommunications infrastructure congruent with the needs of the System.

Authorities Process Owner, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1996—1997.

  • Ownership of the authorities process.
  • Develop proposals and sign contracts for approved outsourcing of authorities work and other cataloging support services

Database Designer Santa Fe Kiva Fireplace Manufacturing, Inc., 1996.

  • Develop record and file structures for integrated, multi-module business application using FoxPro.
  • Enter customer and payment information, invoices, purchase orders and items in stock online and make searchable

Information Technology Librarian, Cornell University, 1995—1996.

  • Oversee the shift from a Macintosh and dumb terminal infrastructure to PC infrastructure. Install over 100 workstations networked via Ethernet to the campus mainframe and via Windows for Workgroups to laser printers.
  • Revolutionize CTS by overseeing the installation of Windows-based cataloging software, providing FTP software, a World Wide Web browser, electronic mail, word processing, and spreadsheet programs on individual workstations.
  • Maintain records and produce documentation throughout. Developed a home page for Central Technical Services using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CGI (Common Gateway Interface) conventions.
  • Participate in OCLC-sponsored research project (pre-Dublin Core) on metadata for AV materials.

Catalog Management and Authorities Librarian, Cornell University, 1990—1994.

  • Oversee a unit of 4 staff members that made corrections to holding information in the library catalog.
  • Oversee a unit of 6 staff members that corrected the format of headings used in the library catalog. Contract with vendors for the automated correction of headings.
  • Manage the retrospective conversion of library catalog records for materials in a variety of collections, including Latin American history, and the Thai, Lao, and Burmese languages.
  • Oversee between 3 and 8 staff members doing retrospective conversion work and be accountable for that work to the funding agency.

Cataloger, Cornell University, the City University of New York, and the University of New Orleans, 1982—1989.

  • Catalog serials and monographic library materials in art, business, social sciences in English and European Community languages.


2015. Modern and Contemporary American Poetry. Massive Online Course. University of Pennsylvania. Massive Online Course. University of Pennsylvania.

2015. 10 Premodern Poems by Women. Statement of Accomplishment. Massive Online Course. Stanford.

2013. Writing in the Sciences. With Distinction. Massive Online Course. Stanford University.

2011. Computer Science 101. Massive Online Course. Coursera.

2005. Tompkins Cortland Community College. 4 hours. Accounting.

2004-2005. www.sessions.edu. 15L. Graphic Design.

1995-1997. Cornell University. 15 hours. Burmese, French, and Italian.

1988-1989. Graduate Center, City University of New York. 9 hours. Comparative Literature.

1988. City College, City University of New York. MASTER OF ARTS. English.

1986. University of New Orleans. 3 hours. French.

1982. Emory University. MASTER OF LIBRARIANSHIP.

1978. University of Iowa. Russian. 18 hours. 1977-1978

1974-1977. University of Iowa. BACHELOR OF ARTS. Russian major. Cum laude.

1975. Indiana University. Russian. 10 hours.

1972-1973. University of Northern Iowa. Psychology. 33 hours.



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  • 5/19/2019. Sacred Root Kava Bar Sharing and Listening Space Spring Showcase.
  • 5/18/2019. Reading at MER 17 (Mom Egg Review 17) Launch Party, The Poet's House.
  • 2/23/2019. "Troubadours of Type." A reading at Tompkins County Public Library from Fool along with readings from the 5 other Troubadours.
  • 6/02/2018. Reading at MER 16 (Mom Egg Review 16) Launch Party, The Poet's House.
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  • 4/2/2017. Reading at MER 15 (Mom Egg Review 15) Launch Party, Le Poisson Rouge
  • 3/22/2017. "Immaculate." A reading at Lifelong. From From the Fingerlakes: Poetry Anthology
  • 2/2/2015. We are All Well: The Letters of Nora Hall, Reading at Buffalo Street Books
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French, Italian, Russian -- Read and speak.
Spanish -- Studying now.
Burmese, Arabic, German, Latin, Japanese, Swedish -- Once studied.


Microsoft Office. Microsoft Project.
Adobe Creative Suite.


2016 - EbikeIthaca. Steering Committee.
2009-2011. WazaFLO New York, U16/U17/U18/U19 Manager.
2008-2009 Tompkins County United Soccer Club. Publicist. U16B Manager.
2008. New Roots School. Web work.
2008-2009. Ithaca High School. Open House Program.
2007. Old Hundred Nursing Home.
1999-2004. Cayuga Heights Elementary School. English language writing tutor.
2000-2006. Ithaca Youth Soccer Club. Coach (2000). Manager (2001-2005). Board (2005-2006).
2004. City of Ithaca. Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Member.